Welcome to our new Internal Financing web-page. Because traditional 3rd party financing resources are not available to you, Magnus Magnetica will review your credit application and if acceptable we  will finance the purchase of your selected PEMF device, after taking the following steps:

  1. Start by filling out "Share your Credit Through Experian"
  2. When filling out the Form, there is a section near the bottom asking you to identify "Primary Use". Follow instructions on image to the right of this page. Make sure you share the credit report with henry@magnusmagnetica.com
  3. After we have reviewed you credit score, we will notify you, if your application is approved or declined (credit parameters are not as stringent as traditional financing sources)  and we will offer a Finance Program which will include a down payment and monthly payments from 24-36 months. 
  4. If not done so already, an Invoice listing your selected PEMF device will be sent to you for review.  Once it is approved, sign and date it. Then take a well-lite, straight-on photo with your smart phone and email to henry@magnusmagnetica.com .
  5. If your credit application is approved:
    1. Financing terms will then be sent to you for your review and approval
    2. If you agree, a lease/finance document will be forwarded for review and execution.
    3. Wiring instructions will be provided to fund the agreed upon down payment.
    4. When your funds have been verified and an executed lease/finance documents has been received, your selected PEMF device will ship and tracking information will be shared with you.
  6. Based upon the terms and conditions of your Internal Lease,  payments will automatically be deducted from your credit card  account each month until all payments have been received.
  7. When the lease has been fully funded, Title to the device will pass to you.
Check off:  Personal – View and grant access to your credit report

Check off: Personal – View and grant access to your credit report

Payment Calculator Notes

  1. The Calculator already has some preset values embedded.
  2. Enter the desired amount to finance your PEMF Device, minus any down payment or advances.
    • Enter an interest rate between 7.50% and 9.95%.
    • Select with 2 years or 3 years  to finance your PEMF device.
  3. An approximate monthly payment will be generated. That amount may vary based upon your credit score and other market factors.
  4. UNDERSTAND: The actual Market Value of your device at the end of the Lease Term can vary based upon number of hours clocked, the condition of device and the current market place for used PEMF devices.

After you "Share your Credit Through Experian", please fill out the Pre-order Form by clicking here. Please review funding requirements