This website is published for individuals and medical professionals who seek a clear understanding about the history, research, facts, science and studies behind Pulse Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy and its myriad of uses.  

Recurrent benefits of Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (“PEMF”) therapy have been demonstrated through more than 2,000 University level, double-blind, medical studies done in many countries with a variety of PEMF therapy devices.

Some of the positive effects of PEMF therapy were well established by the mid 1900’s (See web page on Pioneers). The first commercially produced low-power PEMF devices entered the market in the early 1900’s. These devices were used for studies and experimentation in healing and cellular wellness. They were sold to both consumers and as medical devices to doctors.

The first commercially produced high power PEMF devices entered the market around 1975. These new devices focused on the health of bones, muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments and cartilage. They also demonstrated an ability to increase cellular and tissue regeneration and to quickly address and reduce chronic pain.

Medical PEMF therapy has been accepted in many countries around the world. The US FDA accepted the use of PEMF devices in the healing of non-union bone fractures in 1979, urinary incontinence and muscle stimulation in 1998, and depression and anxiety in 2006. Israel has accepted the use of PEMF devices for migraine headaches. Canada has accepted PEMF devices for many uses. The European Union has a variety of acceptances for the use of PEMF therapy in many areas including healing and recovery from trauma, degeneration and the treatment of the pain associated with these conditions.

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CEO/Founder - Magnus Magnetica, LLC

CEO/Founder - Magnus Magnetica, LLC