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What you can expect from our Animal Vets and Technicians

  1. Integrity, honesty, and openness within the Owner/Technician  relationship.
  2. Punctuality.
  3. Immediate notice should the Technician become detained in any way that would prevent a prompt appointment.
  4. An attempt to call and verify appointments 24 hours before your scheduled appointment times.
  5. An attempt to return all phone calls, with emergency phone calls given first priority.
  6. A working knowledge of the latest protocols, techniques and research in equine veterinary medicine.
  7. An open and honest discussion of the cost of all work, including therapeutic work, prior to rendering services.
  8. An open and honest discussion of the work to be performed, including all possible options.
  9. A referral to another equine professional, should you believe it to be in the horse’s best interest.
  10. We believe that our Equine Technicians  are accountable both to the horse and owner.


We believe that the Equine Technician is accountable both to the horse and owner. Every attempt will be made to meet and exceed your expectations.

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