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The following PEMF devices are manufactured by PEMF Systems, Inc and are branded as the Magna Wave or EquiPulse.

These PEMF Devices were either rented or leased and never returned or paid for.  The device's  last known whereabouts and the person(s) responsible for payment are listed below.  We are offering a reward of $1,000 for the return of /or information leading to the return of these PEMF Devices.  If you have a tip please fill out the contact us form below. Thank you, in behalf of Magnus Magnetica, Magna Wave and PEMF Systems, inc

John Golitz – LifePulse
Samantha Chody – LifePulse
Machine Serial #12052
Machine Serial #12231
Machine Serial #12158


Matt Carlton or Matthew – Ohio
Machine – Serial #12063

Tina Cole and Ed Collins – Equawave New Jersey
Machine Serial #11061