If you are ready to purchase your PEMF device, below you will find all necessary instructions to start the ordering process. Please call us directly at 323.680.5411 with any questions

  1. Please fill out the Ordering form so we have some basic billing and shipping information. Once submitted, we will call you to confirm our receipt and answer any more questions you may have.

  2. An invoice will then be prepared and sent to the email you provided for your review and signature.

  3. Once you approve the invoice, simply print it out, sign/date.  Then just scan or take a well-lite, straight-on photo and email it back to sales@magnusmagnetica.com

  4. Your order will be shipped 5-7 business days after Proof of funding, or your financing has been approved, then remitted to factory.

  5. Returns and Refunds:

    • All Devices paid for, via direct wired funding, or financed, have a 30 day money back guarantee, with a 15% Restocking fee all devices. When indicated on the invoice the return of certain Devices will incur a 50% restocking fee.

    • All devices purchases on credit cards will have funds refunded to card less the credit card surcharge and respecitve restocking fee.

    • Rental Fees  on all devices are non refundable.

  6. Funding:

    • U.S. Dollars only

    • International Orders are funded by Wire transfer only

    • Terms are pre-paid, unless otherwise agreed on an order by order basis.

    • Financing:

      • Using our financing resources:  your application must be submitted and approved prior to shipment of your order.  Go to our finance page and download a credit application, fill it out and follow submission instructions.

      • Using Your Financing Resources: your order will prepared for shipment and released after proof of funding to our business account is submitted to factory.

  7. If you are going to fund your order by wire, please review the following:

    • Banking/Routing information:

      • Bank: Traditional Bank / Lexington, KY

      • Account Name: Magnus Magnetica, LLC.

      • Routing #042101514

      • Account # 5527XXXX (we will provide missing digits)

      • BIC/Swift # TRDLUS31

      • Address: 2801 Palumbo Dr. Suite 100 Lexington, Ky 40509

  8. Any payment by Master Card or Visa credit card will carry a 3.250% charge. Amex is 3.750%

  9. PayPal

    • If you have a Paypal Account funds can be remitted for free, as long as the funds are from within your Paypal balance or backed up by "instant Transfer" from a bank account.

    • See : https://www.paypal.com/selfhelp/article/FAQ2398

    • Should you choose this method of funding, use payments@magnusmagnetica.com for the recipient

    • If your paypal funding "back up" is from your designated credit card, fees will be incurred. 

  10. Payment by any type check requires a minimum two week hold, prior to an ORDER being released.

  11. All products are assembled per order. Once the product has shipped, it is not returnable except for warranty work or a an applicable restocking fee will be incurred. 

  12. F.O.B. Los Angeles, which include the configuration listed on the most current product brochure. All prices do not include transportation costs which shall be borne by Buyer.

  13. Cost of pick up and/or delivery of the equipment is assumed by the Buyer unless otherwise noted. This includes the cost of packing and cartage.

  14. Cost of import taxes and brokerage fees assumed by Buyer where applicable.