From time to time we receive PEMF Devices back from our Buyers who charge us with the responsibility of reselling them or we will retire a demonstration device that is fairly new .  We don't take every device, as some have not been well maintained or are simply not salvageable.

Back in 2007, our very first Portable Equine Device is still  operable and providing relief to both humans and horses 10 years later. Do we take these older devices in an refurbish and resell them? Nope...that's because the components are not longer available to the factory. The oldest Equine PEMF Device we sell is the EquiPulse Pro Field Portable. This device was first manufactured in 2008-9 and has been the workhorse of  hundreds of Equine PEMF Practitioners and Vets in our country. A Spark Gap Chamber device, it weight about 35 lbs, with Dual Connectors , 10 minute variable timer, and meter to measure hours used.  These are the majority of devices we are asked to re-sell. We have some demo Magnus Compact Portables that will soon be available for sale. These are solid state devices,  which do not require periodic factory maintenance and will also have Electrical Safety Certifications.

We look for devices  which are in excellent condition and well maintained, and offer a Factory Refurbishment. 

If the Standard 3 Year Factory Warranty period has expired, a factory refurbished device comes with a new 90 day warranty with Extended Warranties available.

We will generally bundle a resale with a Hoof Pro Kit and 24" Equine Wings  and include our market and business support package for new Practitioners joining our community.

So, what do we have available? When we find acceptable devices, they will be posted below 

EquiPulse - Circa 2007 - 45 lbs

EquiPulse Circa 2009- 2015 - 35 lbs

EquiPulse Circa 2009- 2015 - 35 lbs

Magnus Compact Portable 2017 - 15lbs

All Solid State