It is important to have all proper documentation in order. If you are buying or selling the device, it is important that the Seller  has a  “clear title” to the device and there are no outstanding liens or security interests that would jeopardize the new Buyer's ability to own the equipment free and clear of any encumbrances. In order to establish ownership of the device, the Seller should be able to produce the original purchase agreement. If the Seller is leasing the device with the right to purchase it, contingent upon the expiration of the lease agreement or payment of a lump sum, the Seller should provide the lease terms and purchase agreement. The Buyer must make sure that the Seller owns the device outright and is able to transfer ownership.

It is important to include  a detailed written description of the device (and accessories)  that are  being transferred, including any serial numbers or other identifiers that specifically identify the device that is being sold pursuant to the purchase agreement. Liens and security interests held by third parties should be discovered and disclosed prior to signing the contract. 

The form below memorializes all pertinent information and will be submitted to PEMF Systems, Inc., [the Factory] for proper verification of ownership and warranty considerations. There are several steps need to complete this transaction and uploads that will be needed.

  • Sale document identifying both parties, sale date, accessories included  and serial number [Parties may use the following  document as a sale document]
  • 3 Photos of the device to include serial number, hour meter and condition of case.
  • Seller will fill out the Transferror and Transferee Sections. The Seller will need all information about the prospective Buyer, include email, address and phone number before filling this form out.
  • Once the form has been completed, we will send to Factory for verification
  • When Factory has verified all information, and Title can be cleared, we will send to Buyer for their execution.

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