You arrived at this page in search of a USA or Canadian Regional Magnus Magnetica Independent Sales Agent, aka “ISA”. As our company grows, it is our goal to place our most knowledgable Technicians into the role of ISA to properly manage the sales process and to provide new buyers with post sale training and support.

The following is how we support your inquiry, manage a potential potential sale and post sale support:

  1. When you make an inquiry about any of our PEMF Models, you will not be barraged by a subsequent flood of marketing emails or phone calls. We do not believe that pressuring potential Buyers into a decision is actually in the best interest of the Buyer.

  2. Buying a PEMF device is not an impulse purchase. When a buyer considers the purchase of a $8,000 to $25,000 device, we also consider their socio/economic status. We know and understand the purchase decision is by no means a small one. We expect and respect that buyers want to make an informed decision.

  3. Researching PEMF technology can be very confusing. Making that ‘‘informed decision” challenges so many buyers…they just do not know what to believe after talking to 3 or 4 companies.

  4. Does a company’s sales person or marketing materials make the claim that PEMF is “FDA Approved”, inferring that their devices are “FDA Approved”? Unless a company is actually selling FDA Registered Bone Stimulators, or other PEMF devices that have received an FDA Registration, their PEMF technology is NOT “FDA Approved”.

  5. We will never hide behind the sales tactic of “we offer proprietary PEMF signal that no one else has . … and that’s why we are the best”. We will be honest and forthright about gauss output and why the therapeutic values of the technology is the most important metric. Please review MP/MF PEMF Technology, also located on this site.

  6. Does a PEMF Company bundle a “Certification” into the sale of a PEMF device? While appealing, at first glance, one must carefully consider the legal implications in the Equine industry. Review Considerations on Equine PEMF Technician / Practitioner Certification

  7. We will never “Bash/Trash” our competitor’s PEMF devices. All PEMF technology is amazing! Each device, from different manufacturers have their Pros/Cons. Our role is to adequately and properly inform you about what our PEMF technology does and does not do.

  8. All PEMF Technology must undergo rigorous electrical safety testing in order to receive a CE or UL Mark and the respective safety label adhered to the device (see sample from our factory). Any company stating that their PEMF devices are built in an ISO Certified Factory, does not mean their devices have been Safety Certified by and Independent Testing Lab. Don’t be fooled.

  9. We ask potential buyers to consider an ongoing relationship with the company they are buying from. The sale and acquisition stage is where a lot of the company’s energies will be focused. Why? They need to create and close sales to survive and prosper. Big Offices and lots of employees and related overhead means “We must close deals!”. However, post sale service and support is crucial to any brand, regardless of underlying technology.

  10. Each of our ISAs must first prove:

    1. If in the Equine market, they are successful and highly knowledgeable EquiPulse PEMF Technicians and also understand the application of other non-PEMF therapeutic modalities.

    2. They maintain solid, ongoing relationships with licensed medical professionals, in their community and in their industry.

    3. They regularly contribute to the “braintrust” of information that propels and validates the efficacy of PEMF Technology.

    4. They are helpful and supportive of others, simply because that is their nature and how their humanity is expressed.

    5. They are trustworthy in their own local communities, whether it is in the Equine, Small Animal or Human Market.

  11. We are a boutique enterprise. Our profits and resources are directed toward education, development of new accessories and products and customer support. Magnus Magnetica does not hire “office personnel” to answer phones and manage potential leads or to hand off post sale support services or inquiries to a team of “experts” which causes undue response delays causing your inquiry to be departmentally re-routed. Interested buyers and existing customers need to connect with qualified and experienced Agents or Technicians without any delays.

  12. Service and Support are the life-blood of Magnus Magnetica. How do we do make it work for you?

    1. Most importantly, buyers can always connect with the company founder/owner, Henry Siegel with any questions concerns or considerations, either prior to, or after a purchase. If he can’t provide an adequate answer, he will find a more knowledgeable person or do the research to find answers

    2. Our private Facebook Group is a treasure trove of information, data, proven protocols, all contained in a friendly, mutually supportive online community. This online form is a growing braintrust.

    3. Warranty and repair issues are addressed promptly and efficiently

Sample Electrical Safety Label

Sample Electrical Safety Label

AlphaLab Gauss Certification for Magnus Pro X2

AlphaLab Gauss Certification for Magnus Pro X2

AlphaLab Gauss Certification for Magnus Compact Portable

AlphaLab Gauss Certification for Magnus Compact Portable