Henry Siegel / CEO / Founder

Mr. Siegel’s background includes 25 years of owning an operating a Los Angeles based fitness enterprise. As a leader in the development of a successful fitness studio, Mr. Siegel's studio enterprise became the cutting edge business model for fitness, spiritual, wellness, relationship work and personal growth services for Southern California communities.

After taking a two year break from the day to day operating of his business Mr. Siegel was hired in 2006 as a business development consultant by PEMF Systems, Inc., the current manufacturer of an emerging category of Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Technology, Multi-Powered/ Multi Frequency PEMF.

With this technology, people and animals were finding relief from these most medical conditions, which were traditionally addressed through drug prescriptions and non-prescribed painkillers, which have their own risks because of potential side-effects to the body and mind.

After concluding his consulting contract Mr. Siegel launched Magnus Magnetica,  to market and distribute the manufacturer's devices, which hisbranded as two nationally recognized PEMF devices for both the human and equine markets, the Delta Pulse and EquiPulse.

Since 2007 Magnus Magnetica has been working with PEMF Technology as a family owned and operated business. Through his own personal and professional experiences Mr. Siegel understands that painful conditions caused by accidents, arthritis, or disease can "take the wind out of anyone's sails".

On a yearly basis, Magnus Magnetica exhibits at Medical tradeshows in both the Human and Equine Markets throughout the US.