You can earn Referrals Fees starting right now!  

Our Lead and Referral Fee Program is designed to incentivize you to assist our company with the marketing and selling of our branded PEMF Technology.  In order to qualify for the funding of a Referral Fees when a Qualified Lead ends up purchasing our technology   we need you to take a few minutes to read the following Policies, Terms and Conditions,  then select the appropriate Referral Form to the right.

  1. Referral Fee Eligibility:

    • Referrers must currently own a Magnus Magnetica Branded PEMF Device.

    • Referrer must provide all required Lead information, as listed in the Lead Referral Form. This insures that the Referrer will be paid after a sale or rental has funded.

    • The Referrer’s name and all related contact information must also be entered into the Lead Referral Form. If, after submission, additional Leads are generated, a new Lead Referral Form must be filled out and submitted. A copy of each completed Lead Referral Form will be sent to the Referrer, via email, for their own records and proof of submission.

    • All Leads must be submitted PRIOR to the sale or rental of a device.

    • A Referrer is ineligible for a Referral Fees if the Lead is submitted after the date and initial invoice or quote is sent to the potential Buyer.

    • Referral Fees earned by existing or new owners of a new Magnus Magnetica branded PEMF devices :

      • The sale must be paid in full by wire transfer,  credit card or through a 3rd Party financing company.

      • The sale amount must be no less than $22,000 for a Referral Fee of $750.00 to be earned.

      • The sale amount must be no less than $21,000 for a Referral Fee of $450.00 to be earned.

      • The sale amount must be no less than $20,000 for a Referral Fee of $250.00 to be earned.  

      • Magnus Pro X2 (Dual Output) sale amount must be no less than $13,000 for a Referral Fee of $250.00 to be earned.

      • If the sale amount is for a new Hoof Pro System, Delta Pulse Compact Clinic or Magnus Compact Clinic, the referral fee is $250.00.

      • If the Referring party does not own a Seller branded PEMF device the Referral Fee will be 50% of the above amount(s), or the Equine PEMF Practitioners is

        • No longer an “Authorized Technician” per the company, or  

        • Lacks  a current “Good Standing” Status at the time the time the Lead is submitted

      • A Rental or Sale, which does not qualify for 3rd Party financing, and must be financed by the factory will receive a $200.00 Referral Fee for high powered PEMF devices. The Referral Fee for a low Powered Device ( a “Clinic” model) is $100.00. Should the rental of the device turn into a purchase, the respective referral fee shall be deducted from the referral fee to be paid for the sale of the device.

      • Alternately, the Referrer, may opt-in to receive accessories in lieu of the above Referral Fee .

        • If the value of the accessories and its respective shipping fee is less than the Referral Fee, then the Referrer shall receive a payment covering the difference.  

        • If the value of the accessories and its respective shipping fee is greater than the Referral Fee, then the Referrer pay an amount covering the difference.  

  2. Referral fees are not eligible for:

    • Revenues generated from sales of additional accessories, included  with the original sale or sold at a later point in time, for support or training services and related fees.

    • Devices which are sold as used/refurbished.

    • Tentative Buyers who may be directed to call existing Magnus Magnetica customers for references about the company, or those who may take the initiative to call on their own.

  3. Payment of Referral Fees:

    • Payments of Referral Fees will be made within 10 business days from the date an eligible device sale has actually funded, and the device is satisfactorily delivered to Buyer.

    • All Referrers will be paid directly by Magnus Magnetica, after submission of a W-9 form which shall list Referrer’s name, address and respective Tax ID. Click here to retrieve a blank W-9 Form

    • Payments shall be made through

      • PayPal account - Please enter  the email you use on PayPal when you submit a sales lead, or;

      • Magnus Magnetica’s online bill paying feature, in the form of a Bank Authorized check. Earned Referral Fees will not be wired.

    • At the end of each calendar year a 1099 shall be sent to each respective Payee, summarizing all Referral Fees paid during that calendar year.






Want to earn larger Referral Fees by becoming an Independent Sales Agent?  Eligibility requires that you submit a minimum of 6 Referrals, which convert to sales, within 9 months from the first sale.