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New Practitioner Candidates


New Practitioner Candidates

Thanks for visiting our website! Here are the basics:

Your success is our goal!  Need more information about acquiring an EquiPulse and joining our PEMF Practitioner Network?

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There's a growing field of Equine PEMF Practitioners throughout every discipline in the USA, canada and overseas.

  • magnus magnetica is offering individuals an opportunity to generate income by healing and helping horses.

  • enjoy the freedom and satisfaction of owning your own independent business.

  • You'll become part of a nationwide team of people who are revolutionizing equine therapy and making a great living doing so.

Magnus Magnetica has been marketing and distributing the EquiPulse in the Equine marketplace since 2007, offering our prospective Equine PEMF Practitioners the benefit of a decade's worth of experience and relationships with our extensive network of both Licensed Vets and Non-Licensed Practitioners throughout the USA.  Most importantly, we have a sincere desire for your success. 

About Training:

When potential Practitioners inquire about EquiPulse Training their backgrounds can include a wide variety of experience(s) within their respective disciplines and personal or professional experience.  Rather than require a standard certification or training template for EquiPulse training, Magnus Magnetica formats and provides training based upon the actual needs of the Practitioner.

Those candidates who have little or no medical background (whether human or animal) will require far more support, education and hands on training than an experienced and licensed Equine Vet, Registered Vet Technician, Trainer or individual who has been working with horses for years and is familiar with a variety of therapeutic modalities.  Magnus Magnetica has a decade worth of implementing the EquiPulse in our country's top Equine Therapeutic Centers,  Veterinary Clinics/Hospitals, coupled with some of the most highly regarded Equine Sports Therapists in the USA. This provides the new Practitioners with all the necessary resources required to develop the an effective understanding of best practices and effective treatment protocols, which are based upon their individual training needs.

Qualified individuals can start immediately with little or no money out of pocket and within several months, or less, be generating $500 a day. How can we make such an incredible offer?  The entire Business, Marketing and Equipment Package is offered with zero money down for $660 per month, for three years. There are no licensing or franchise fees required.

Please submit the above "Let us know more about you" button and we'll contact your within 24 hours and provide more details.   We will assist and guide you through all aspects of starting your own independent business or integrating the EquiPulse into an existing practice or equine enterprise.  We are just a phone call, text or email away.         

Call Henry Siegel directly at 323.680.5411 or email: