You have reached this page because you are acquiring a PEMF device from our company.

Allow us to properly orient and guide you through the initial stages of your purchase until the time you actually receive your selected PEMF device.  

Section 1:

First watch the PEMF Therapy 10 Minutes Of PEMF Therapy Education video. it is  a well thought out and succinct presentation on how the use of a PEMF Mat can enhance overall health and wellness. 

Then watch the Delta Pulse Training Video to the right.  Please be advised that the PEMF device used in this video is a Delta Pulse Pro Clinic and may have several operational and component differences between it and the PEMF device you purchased:

  • The Delta Pulse Pro Clinic operates with a variable intensity knob. When the intensity is turned up all the way the device generate 3-4 times the amount of PEMF strength than a Clinic model.  If you purchased a Magnus Compact Portable, the device operates in a manner very similar to the  Delta Pulse Pro, with the exception that the intensity levels are graduated from 1-10 rather than being unmarked with a "More/Less" intensity.

  • The Delta Pulse Pro used in the video employs a 3 minute timer. Some devices have 5, 10 and 15 minute fixed timer buttons.

  • All Solid State models have a Single Connector, while the Pro in this video, uses a dual connector.

  • If you purchased a clinic model, each has a high Frequency Low Powered setting on a 30 minute timer button. It also has a mid-powered setting (relative to the Pro model) with either a 5 or 15 minute timer button

  • The video demonstrates the use of a 20 ft straight Cable Skip that section. 20 ft straight cable are NOT included with Solid State PEMF device orders.

  • If you purchased a Mag Disc accessory, please review the USER GUIDE 

  • Thoroughly review the User Guide for the PEMF Device you purchased

    • Delta Pulse / Magnus Compact Clinic SS

    • Delta Pulse Field Portable SS (under revision)

    • Magnus Compact (or Brief) Portable SS (under revision)

    • Delta Pulse Pro Clinic User Guide (Analog) (under revision)

    • Delta Pulse Pro Field Portable (Analog) (under revision)

Next, please follow the steps in each of the following Sections, filling out the various forms as instructed. It will be fast and painless! 

Section 2:

You just signed your invoice!

  • See  the page on Delta Pulse FAQ's. These are typical questions everyone will ask about.

  • Treatment Policies and Quick Reference Card - We’ll be sending you several 6 x 9 Cards.

  • Delta Pulse Leaflets - We’ll send you 5 or so of these

  • If you've funded your order we will send tracking information so you know when to expect delivery. Remember, someone must sign for your delivery so make sure a responsible party is available on the day of delivery!

  • If you purchased your device for Personal Use only, skip to Section 5 when your PEMF device has been delivered. 

Section 3:

  • DropBox - You will need a free Dropbox account so we can share documents unique to you...such as custom generated marketing material, photos videos, etc. Sign up for a free account HERE. Download the app on your phone. We need to know which email you've used for DropBox.

  • Please review this link to some of the marketing materials created over the years for both our Human and Equine Practitioners...once you've been using your PEMF device for a while, we will create custom PDF'sand store them in your Dropbox folder for review and access. If you are ready to have your Contact information integrated into your custom marketing materials, let us know andwe’ll publish Print ready PDFs for you to start reviewing.

  • Review the Practitioner Locator page after you’ve gone through all training materials and are comfortable and knowledgeable about it use we will place your listing up and show you how to manage it. While we have some basic information about you, please fill out the new Practitioner form to the right and have a good photo of yourself available to upload.

  • Liability Release Forms: You may download and use this generic version to start with. Should you need more language inserted into the Release section, just let us know and we’ll customize it and no cost to you...then place it in your DropBox Folder. If you want to go with fully electronic Release Forms, sign up for a free account at Let us know and we’ll assist you in setting up your Digital Liability Release Forms.

Section 4

New Practitioner Preliminary Checklist

You've completed all of Section 1, 2 & 3 and have submitted your Practitioner Profile. ...Have not? Then no need to proceed to Section 4 until we receive your Practitioner Profile.  After submission, then fill out the form below,  confirming you have reviewed all links and the various training documents and media available.

Section 5

Your order has been Delivered! Dig into the box, check the packing slip, make sure everything is there.

Fill out the Final Checklist below so we know all is in order and can quickly address any problems, concerns or questions.