You have reached this page because you are acquiring a PEMF device from our company.  Allow us to properly orient and guide you through the initial stages of your purchase until the time you actually receive your selected PEMF device.  

Section 1:

First watch an important interview with Dr. Pawluk. It is  a thorough and succinct presentation on how just the use of a PEMF can enhance overall health and wellness. 

Then watch the Delta Pulse Training Video to the right.   Please be advised that the PEMF device used in this video is a Delta Pulse Pro Clinic and may have several operational and component differences between it and your PEMF device as follows:

  • If you rented or purchased a Magnus Compact Clinic or Delta Pulse Compact Clinic thoroughly review the User Guide. Some of our Clinic models have a High Frequency Low Powered setting on a 30 minute timer button, As well, clinic models may also have a mid-powered setting (relative to the highest powered models) with either a 5 or 15 minute timer button

  • If you rented or purchased Magnus Compact Portable or other similar models, they all operate with a variable intensity knob. When the intensity is turned up all the way the device generate 3-4 times the amount of PEMF strength than the Clinic model. 

  • The Delta Pulse Pro used in the video, to the right,  employs a 3 minute timer. Some other devices have 5, 10 and 15 minute fixed timer buttons.

  • A number of Solid State models (Magnus Compact Clinic, Magnus Pro X2 and Clinic Models) have a Single Connector, while the Delta Pulse Pro Clinic in this video, uses a dual connector.

  • The video demonstrates the use of a 20 ft straight cable, skip that section. 20 ft straight cable are NOT included with devices that are configured with Single Connector.

  • If a Mag Disc was included in with your order, please review the User Guide

Next, please follow the steps in each of the following Sections 2 & 3

Section 2:

You just signed your invoice!

  • See  the page on PEMF FAQ's. These are typical questions you need to know and everyone will ask about when they 'discover' your PEMF device!

  • Treatment Policies and Quick Reference Card - We’ll be sending you several 6 x 9 Cards.

  • Delta Pulse Leaflets - We’ll send you one these leaflets.

  • When you've funded your order, and your order actually ships, we will send tracking information so you know when to expect delivery. Remember, someone must sign for your delivery so make sure a responsible party is available on the day of delivery

A must view to understand PEMF with Dr. William Pawluk. Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Medical Intuitive, Homeopath, Functional Medicine and an NES Health Bio Energetic Practitioner interviews Dr. Pawluk on how to rebuild your body through pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

Dr. William Pawluk is a former family physician who transitioned to holistic medicine and treatments.

Section 3

Your order has been Delivered! Dig into the box, check the packing slip, make sure everything is there. Fill out the Final Checklist so we know all is in order and can quickly address any problems, concerns or questions.