You have reached this page because you are purchasing or renting a PEMF device from our company. The purpose of this page is to properly orient and guide you through the initial stages, up until the time you actually receive your selected EquiPulse PEMF device. Please follow each step and fill out the various forms as instructed. It will be fast and painless! Below, ask to join our Facebook Group and meet “The Tribe”.

Please note that you will be required to fill out the three forms. Until you fill out Form 3, your new device will not be under Factory Warranty. Our Factory must know your device has been received undamaged and fully operable.

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Section One: You just signed your invoice!  

  1. Review the Technician Locator page : Why? After you’ve gone through all training materials and are comfortable and knowledgeable about your device's use we will place your listing up and show you how to manage it.  While we have some basic information about you,  please fill out the new Technician Profile form. Have your logo and a good photo of yourself available to upload. If you don't have a logo yet, no worries, we'll collect that later.

  2. If you are not a licensed Vet nor an existing equine related rehab business, we highly recommend you offer free treatments for the first month (or two) as you learn the science and art of administering PEMF Technology. Plus ... “Free” is also a highly effective marketing tool!

Section Two: Please review/complete the following 17 items.  Then fill out and submit  #2 -  EquiPulse PEMF Technician Preliminary Checklist Form (use Button 2 above)

Below, you will have access to our Technician Training Page. The page is secure and only meant for our Authorized Technicians. The password is "bancroft" (all lower case). Click the following link for access.

Technician Training Page

  1. Review the basic set up video. We use an EquiPulse Pro Field Portable in this video, so you may see some minor differences in the device (versus yours), which has a variable timer knob versus the flat rate timer buttons on our Solid State devices (with a single connector)

  2. Very important you review the Human Application Video...You will be treating humans and this is just part of what occurs as an EquiPulse PEMF Technician. Demonstrating your device on  a person is the most convincing method for gaining a prospective client’s trust and confidence. The device in the Human Training video is an Office model, but again works in a very similar manner as an Equine device.

  3. Go through the 30 page slide show. As well, review all videos by the It is crucial that you understand traditional approaches to various ailments and related applications through the eyes of Equine Vets.

  4. Please review:  Compare Different Equine Therapies. It is important you become articulate in the differences.

  5. See the page on EquiPulse FAQ's. These are typical questions clients will ask and you will need to know.

  6. Additional Hands on Training is available through our network of EquiPulse PEMF Technicians. Depending upon the level of additional training required, budget and travel time we’ll organize the right match for you.

    Dropbox - you will need a free Dropbox account so we can share documents unique to you...such as custom generated marketing material, photos videos, etc. Sign up for a free account HERE. Download the DropBox app on your phone, iPad, Tablet, iMac or PC so you files are available where ever you are.  We will need to know which email you've used for DropBox, there's an area in Section 2 form to fill that in.

  7. Please review this link to view some of the marketing materials created over the years for both our Human and Equine Technicians...once you have your device, and using it for a while,  we will create custom PDF's for you and store them in your Dropbox folder for review and access.

  8. More Resources:

    • You’ll probably be accepting payments by checks and cash, but what about credit cards? Most everyone is familiar with paying for food or merchandise, whereby the Seller uses their smart phone, tablet or similar device to wipe a credit card. Set your business up with a Square Account by clicking HERE. You’ll need a business checking account and will be asked a series of questions to verify your business’s identity. Be patience, some applications are approved immediately other need more processing time and some require more documentation. You will receive free processing on up to $1,000 in credit card transactions for the first 180 days. Afterwards, you pay the standard 2.75% per swipe for all major credit cards and accepting payments will be a breeze!

    • Record Keeping or your new business  - A crucial aspect of operating a service business is record keeping, invoicing and tracking progress of your client’s Horses. There is no longer any need to deal with hard copy records when it can all be digitized on Software for Animal Technicians. We highly recommend you start using Cavanti. a terrific company with an amazingly simple solution.  Our collaboration with Cavanti delivers  our new Technicians with 50 free recorded client sessions or 4 months of free use, whichever comes first.  When you go to the Cavanti  link, make sure you select Magnus Magnetica for "how did you hear about us".   Existing Technicians will receive 30 free sessions or 4 months, whichever comes first.  There are videos you'll need to watch...each is short but provides a wealth of information on set up and use.

      • Cavanti Animal Practice Software - Available on

      • Please watch Cavanti’s short  demo videos  about  how the service is set up and  used. 

        • Disclaimer- our company does not receive any commissions from your use of Cavanti is just good stuff we recommend.

        • Disclosure- our company may collect data from our Technician’s use of Cavanti to evaluate adherence,  treatment protocols and outcomes. Client’s Private information will not be collected.

    •  Horse Anatomy - Access to Digital downloads of the following:

  9. Liability Insurance is now available for all Magnus Magnetica Equine and Small Animal PEMF Technicians. Coverage is fantastic with zero deductible at  a very low premium per year.  Go to:  You are covered the moment your application is submitted online.

  10. Treatment Policies and Quick Reference Card - We’ll be sending you a 6 x 9 Card to use when you are rendering services.

  11. EquiPulse Consumer Leaflet -   Once you are ready to have your Contact information integrated into the cover, we’ll publish "Print ready" PDFs and put it into your DropBox folder for review.

  12. Liability Release Forms:  You may download, print and use this generic version to start with. Should you need more language inserted into the Release section, just let us know and we’ll customize it and no cost to you...then place it in your DropBox Folder. If you want to go with fully Electronic Release Forms, sign up for a free account at, let us know and we’ll assist you in setting up your Digital Liability Release Forms, the perfect compliment to Cavanti! We use JotForm extensively and it is easy and a pleasure to work with.

  13. If you purchased:

  14. If you are building a website please refer to the following sites several of our Technicians have created. 

  15.  Need a Logo? If you’re starting a new business and don’t know where to look for the best design company, then your search is over! No matter what business or organization you're starting, you're going to need a logo and stationery to start. Have you thought about all the branding opportunities available to establish your new brand? Check out

Section Three: Your order has been received!  Fill out and submit  #3. Equine Technician Final Checklist (use Button 3 above).


  • Our company is the Founding Sponsor of the American Association of Equine Therapists and Technician AAETT’s mission is to unify and educate Equine Care Specialist throughout the equine industry at its Annual Education Conferences and Regional Clinics.

  • The University of Tennessee offers an Equine Rehabilitation and is integrating our technology into the Certification course. Equine II: Live Hands-on Labs: Introduction to Equine Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Modalities & Conditions Amenable to Rehabilitation The University video records these courses and we are working to make them available to our Technicians. We will keep you posted on this development.

  • Mimi Porter is one of the Equine Industry’s most respected Equine Sports Therapist and is located in Lexington, Ky. She currently uses the Magnus Magnus Pro X1 MP in her Practice. Mimi is the write and author of “The New Equine Sports Therapy” which is available on Amazon in a kindle format. It is a must read publication by all Technicians.  We will purchase a copy for you, if you request it.

  • Our company is working with Rood and Riddle, the largest Equine Hospital in the  USA. The original R & R is located in Lexington, Ky. Over the past couple years they have expanded and opened hospitals in Saratoga Springs and Wellington.

Best Practices and Expected Standard of Customer Service by our Equine PEMF Technicians:

  • Integrity, honesty, and openness within the Owner/Technician  relationship.

  • Punctuality.

  • Immediate notice should the Technician become detained in any way that would prevent a prompt appointment.

  • An attempt to call and verify appointments 24 hours before your scheduled appointment times.

  • An attempt to return all phone calls, with emergency phone calls given first priority.

  • A working knowledge of the latest protocols, techniques and research in equine veterinary medicine.

  • An open and honest discussion of the cost of all work, including therapeutic work, prior to rendering services.

  • An open and honest discussion of the work to be performed, including all possible options.

  • A referral to another equine professional, should you  believe it to be in the horse’s best interest.

  • We believe that our Equine PEMF Technicians are accountable both to the horse and owner.

  • Never diagnose or make medical claims, unless you are a licensed Vet. 

  • Every attempt will be made to meet and exceed the client’s expectations. It is always best to under-promise and over-deliver!

  • Our Most Important Policy:  Be nice, courteous and kind to everyone..No Exceptions!