With the proliferation of many non-invasive, drug free therapy emerging in the Equine market, invariably the question of "What's the difference?" arises from both consumers and licensed medical professionals.

The following comparisons are not meant to be exhaustive or arrive at any medical or scientific conclusion, but to simply illuminate the primary differences among each device, their respective applications and modalities.

Is Magnus Magnetica Equine PEMF  treatment the same as Magnetic Blankets and Boots?

These PEMF Therapies are similar. However, the difference is in the delivery process and the our technology's ability to actual target and focus the right level of PEMF energy to a horse's specific area requiring treatment. Traditional PEMF blankets deliver a low, consistent level of magnetic energy, which may not be adequate for deep injuries or in the large and denser parts of the equine anatomy.  As well, each PEMF device,  fixed to a specific area of the blanket, directly affects those areas beneath the PEMF device. Thus, if a sifle requires treatment,  a blanket may cover that area, the attached PEMF device may not, leaving  that area untreated.  

 A PEMF field is measured in Gauss, the strength of the field and how far it emanates from it's source. The body's cells need at least 20-30 Gauss in order to initiate cellular repair. Some studies have show that higher Gauss levels, closer to 100, will create an optimal healing environment.  As a more powerful PEMF can delivery more Gauss at a greater distance from the delivery loop, it can penetrate through denser tissue. Thus is is crucial for PEMF technologies to have the capacity to deliver the proper Gauss level in order to reach a injured or traumatized part of the the Equine's anatomy.  The fundamental differences are :

  1. A Magnetica Equine PEMF device has the potential capacity to identify where a horse might be sore, traumatized or injured. This is because areas of soreness will contract/twitch in a specific manner and the horse may react much differently when that specific area is targeted, versus other targeted areas.  A Licensed Vet or experienced Technician may recognized this.
  2. Our high powered Equine PEMF devices are adjustable multi-powered with multi frequencies devices.  A Technician has the ability to adjust the Gauss to provide a gentle but optimal level of penetration to a specified body part to generate results at an accelerated rate. 
  3.  Our technology includes proprietary delivery loops and accessories that will deliver the optimal level of power to indicated parts of the equine anatomy.  The efficacy of this type of precision increases when areas like abscess in hoofs and acupressure points, necks, the pole,  hamstrings, interior of stifle,  are targeted for a wide variety of unique equine medical issues from calming points to colic, to navicular.

Magnus Magnetica Equine PEMF vs. CytoWave?

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  1. The Magnus Magnetica Equine PEMF will penetrate up to 16 inches. The CytoWave’s penetration is nominal 2 inches or less.
  2. The percussive contractions a Magnus Magnetica Equine PEMF creates, instantly accelerates the benefits of vaso-dilation in a manner not possible with CytoWave.  The percussive muscular contractions not only creates the mechanical pumping action to increase localized blood flow but may also breaks up adhesion and scarring deep in bundles of muscle fibers in the affected/treated tissue(s).  This is the same reason people share their spectacular results after one treatment.
  3. Cell permeability, production of Nitric Oxide,  increases in cell metabolism and reduction of inflammation are massive in specific areas treated with the Magnus Magnetica Equine PEMF device because of the deep penetration.
  4. Delivery Loops: The Magnus Magnetica Equine device's magnetic delivery loops are highly adaptable,  flexible and way less prone to breakage. The Hoof Pro is the only Multi-Powered PEMF System capable of sending a PEMF signal directly into and through the Frog. No other electro-therapy device has been successfully designed to treat from under the hoof and to penetrate that deeply, including CytoWave.
  5.  Online sources report 30 minute CytoWave treatments. But CytoWave does not offer any specific treatment protocols other than “Carefully attach the CW leg wrap on this way or that way”…same with its other treatment applicators.   
  6.  CytoWave:  “This proprietary electromagnetic treatment method is not PEMF and should not be confused with this older technology”   see: http://www.cytowave.com/how-cytowave-works.html  Magnus Magnetica PEMF is not a "older technology".  Our multi-powered / multi-frequency PEMF is a crucial and emerging technology in the field of regenerative medicine during the last 10 years . It continues to be adopted because of its unparalleled ability to quickly address muscleo-skeletal issues on humans, equine and small animals.

Magnus Magnetica Equine PEMF vs. Laser Treatments? 

While both the Laser and Magnus Magnetica Equine PEMFtherapy deliver increased energy to areas of need, the following are the main points of differentiation:

  1. The Magnus Magnetica Equine  delivery loops have the ability to generate a much wider focal area. Our Multi-Powered PEMF technology can send more magnetic energy deeper into the body while a Laser has a very small focal area of less than in inch.
  2. Because only the injured or traumatized areas will contract/twitch with the use of an EquiPulse, the Technician  may be able to detect and identify where a horse may be injured or very sore. A Laser lacks the capacity ability to detect soreness.
  3. The Magnus Magnetica Equine PEMF can travel up to 16 inches into the Equine body. Lasers have a limited penetration of less than 2 inches, unless the laser's power is increased, along with that is a greater potential to damage the cells at the surface. 
  4. Whole body treatments can takes 30 to 45 minutes with a Magnus Magnetica Equine PEMF System. Because Lasers have a small focal point, it is logistically impossible to treat a large areas of the horse anatomy, essentially making a full body treatment unlikely. 

Magnus Magnetica Equine PEMF vs. Shockwave? 

The following are the primary differentiation considerations:

  1. Magnus Magnetica Equine PEMF  may be able to detect and identify where a horse may be injured or very sore. Shockwave has no ability to detect soreness, just treatment of a specific point. 
  2. Magnus Magnetica Equine PEMF can be used on the whole body. Shockwave can only be done on a specific point such as back or legs.
  3. Magnus Magnetica Equine PEMF is non-invasive, and sedation is not required, while horses quickly relax and enjoy the treatment. Shockwave is invasive and can be painful as it creates energy by high-impact acoustic waves and concussion. 
  4. Because of the potential for damage and required sedation, a Shockwave treatment is generally administered by a licensed Veterinarian. 
  5. A Magnus Magnetica Equine PEMF can reach up to 16 inches into the body. Shockwave has a maximum penetration of about 4 inches. 

Magnus Magnetica Equine PEMF vs. P3?

  1. The P3 PEMF Device is similar to the Magnus Magnetica Equine devcie, but only in one aspect. That is the delivery of a PEMF signal to a targeted body part where the loops is placed
  2. The P3 Device has only one setting, which is at high voltage, resulting in one level of intensity. Magnus Magnetica Equine PEMF has a variable intensity setting
  3. There is only one PEMF delivery loop that is permanently attached to the P3. a Magnus Magnetica Equine PEMF has a number of delivery loops that can be switch out, dependent upon the body part being treated. The P3 delivery loop and stiff and is floated closer to the selected body part being treated, depending upon the desired intensity. The closer the loop to the body part the greater the intensity and deeper the penetration of the PEMF field. On the other hand, the delivery loops of a Magnus Magnetica Equine devices  are soft an pliable and can be comfortable wrapped around the selected body part. The Technician can easily adjust the intensity and frequency setting on the Magnus Magnetica Equine device.
  4. Please see comparison EquiPulse Versus P3 - Evaluation table for further comparsions on warranty, training and support.