Everything you'll need to know:

There's a growing field of Equine PEMF Practitioners throughout every discipline in the USA, canada and overseas.

  • magnus magnetica is offering individuals a terrific opportunity to generate income by healing and helping horses.

  • enjoy the freedom and satisfaction of owning your own independent business.

  • You'll become part of a nationwide team of people who are revolutionizing equine therapy and making a great living doing so.

Here is what's involved:

Magnus Magnetica has been marketing and distributing the EquiPulse in the Equine marketplace since 2007, offering our prospective Equine PEMF Practitioners the benefit of a decade's worth of experience and relationships with our extensive network of both Licensed Vets and Non-Licensed Practitioners throughout the USA.  Most importantly, we have a sincere desire for your success. 

It is common knowledge that most start up businesses require extensive amount of capital, time and resources.  Our company offers a Training Program, a comprehensive Business and Marketing package and support, along with thw most advanced PEMF Technology on the market today. Our devices are designed and manufactured in Los Angeles. 

About Training:

We recognize that when potential Practitioners inquire about EquiPulse Training they also arrive with a wide variety of experience(s) in their respective disciplines and Equine communities.  Rather than require a standard certification or training template for EquiPulse training for each new Practitioner, Magnus Magnetica delivers training based upon the needs of the Practitioner. Those candidates who have little or no medical background (whether human or animal) need far more support, education and hands on training than an experienced Vet, Registered Vet Techs or persons who have been working with a variety of therapeutic modalities on their horses for several years.  A decade worth of implementing the EquiPulse in our country's top Equine Therapeutic Centers,  Veterinary Clinics/Hospitals, coupled with some of the most highly regarded Equine Sports Therapists in the US., our resources provide our new Practitioners with all the necessary resources required to be knowledgeable and effective, and based upon a wide variety of training needs.

Qualified individuals can start immediately with little or no money out of pocket and within 3 months, or less, be generating $500 a day. How can we make such an incredible offer?  The entire Business, Marketing and Equipment Package is offered with zero money down for $660 per month for three years. Plus, there are no licensing or franchise fees required.

We are here to assist you with all aspects of starting either your own independent business or to integrate the EquiPulse into an existing practice or enterprise.  No more than a phone call, text or email away, we are here to support you.

  • Check out the web page "Find a Practitioner" where we will include your listing. We will provide you with a password protected account so you may edit your listing information, include your hours of operations and monitor actual traffic generated when someone clicks on your listing ICON.   
  • When possible, we promote your business on our social media platforms PLUS other forms of localized joint-advertising.
  • You will earn Referrals fees starting right now!  Know someone else interested in an EquiPulse? CLICK HERE   Yes, this and other benefits and incentives are included.
  • Become a part of the PEMF Practitioner Network "PPN"  a growing national group of dedicated PEMF professionals, in both the human and animal world. These are individuals that want to (and are) making a huge difference in the well-being and care of others with PEMF technology.  The PPN is a supportive community of forward thinking, positive humans who are having fun, generating a terrific cash flow and helping a lot of people and animals!
  • With a small down payments we also offer incredibly low monthly payments at $495.00 and can accommodate almost any applicant's credit score.        
  • What do you need to get started"
    • To get started you will need to Purchase or Finance your EquiPulse (this is the easy part) 
    • Your EquPulse is delivered with everything you need to start treating horses, pets or people. Included are:
      • 2 sets of coils
      • A full 3 year warranty
      • Our on-line training program
      • Our business and marketing support.
    • The purchase price is $22,000, plus shipping.
    • Want to finance your purchase?
      • If you are in need of financing, there are several financing options for those with great credit to no credit.
      • The monthly cost can range from as little as $495 per month. That payment can be covered in just 5 or 6 treatments!
      • CLICK HERE to go to our Financing page.          

So what about more detail on what else is included?

  • We may include various Practitioners in regional print publications where we co-opt advertisements to promote the Practitioner's services. Practitioners provide selection of photos and written testimonials so we can include them in a campaign.

  • Basic Video editing and publishing at no cost to Practitioner:

    •  If we are provided with video footage of Practitioner’s testimonials or Practitioner's client testimonials touting the benefits of EquiPulse treatments,  we will create edited videos with the Practitioner’s logo and contact information on front and end of video.

    • We will advise Practitioner on how to post videos to YouTube, Vimeo or other public video sites selected by Practitioner.

    • Practitioners are responsible for submitting any and all video footage, logos, contact information and any other related media. Video footage and media be remitted in acceptable formats solely determined by our company. These are stored in a cloud storage folder supplied by our company.

    • The number of testimonial videos that are edited will be limited to no more than 4 videos and no greater than 5 minutes in length. Voice-overs or music tracks on respective videos are not included.

    • We will include the Practitioner's and our trademarks in all published videos.

  • As long as a Practitioner holds Title to their device we will provide on-going Business and PEMF treatment consultations and all customized marketing materials which include Practitioner’s own logo and enterprise branding:

    • All graphic design work for any type requested marketing collateral.

      • Business Cards

      • Postcards

      • Brochures

      • Banner designs - many treatment providers will hang an product banner that has their contact information at their own practice or that of the enterprises they service.

      • Magnetic Car signs

    • Custom Document design and publishing

      • Customized liability release forms and assistance in create electronic versions

      • Treatment Record Logs

      • Any type business form such as invoices and receipts

      • Rental Contracts when needed.

      • Printing services - Seller interfaces with commercial printers and manage all printing processes right to the point of delivery, or Buyer can manage printing services with their local printers.

    • Approved and monitored use of the Company’s Trademarks and Branding rights throughout all marketing and promotional materials and must include ™ or ® as designated by Magnus Magnetica

    • All Practitioner approved art work will be completed in high resolution, print ready format.      

More questions? Call us directly at 323.680.5411