We are pleased to introduce the world’s first complete Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field [PEMF] therapy system designed to provide treatments from under the hoof.

   Easy to use, easy to fit, the Hoof Pro delivers rapid relief, increases in blood flow and accelerates healing from conditions such as abscesses, bruising, navicular conditions, laminitis, and thrush. If you already own one of our PEMF devices all you'll need to order is the Hoof Pro Accessory Kit (picture and description to the lower right). Click here to purchase the Hoof Pro Kit only.

The Hoof Pro System has been bundled for Farriers, Trainers, Owners, Vets and those who focus on Hoof Care. One may find other similar systems but currentty there is no PEMF Hoof Care accessory is able to secure the magnetic delivery disc directly under the frog, regardless of whether or not the horse moves the hoof during treatment.

The complete Hoof Pro System is comprised of 4 primary components:

  1. A Magnus Compact Clinic PEMF Device (choice of metal case or Nanuk Case) - Settings include a 30 minute low powered hoof conditioning cycle and a 5 or 15 minute mid-powered, multi-frequency cycle for injuries and respective rehabilitation requirements.
  2. Two Magnetic Delivery Loops that include a large loop and Joint Loop. These are utilized to treat Equine's body and legs.
  3. The Mag Disc, an accessory that uniquely focuses a powerful pulsed electro-magnetic field to deliver precise and deep penetration into targeted areas. The Mag Disc can be used as a stand-alone accessory to treat hard to get places such as the inside of stifle, upper neck and pole.
  4. Three Bindings, which allows a fit for most every size hoof. The smallest binding is orange, medium is black and largest is yellow.

When in use, the majority of PEMF Energy is delivered from the center of the Mag Disc directly into the Frog. When employing the Hoof Pro System, the treatment cycle, per hoof,  is approximately 15-20 minutes. Therefore a Farrier can easily shoe other hooves, without additional time needed at an appointment. When used with our higher powered PEMF devices, treatment duration per hoof is reduced to a maximum of 10 minutes.

Finance a Hoof Pro for 36 months at $195 PM, or 48 months at $145.  Your monthly Return On Investment is equal to treating just two horses, at a nominal charge of $30 per hoof, or $100 for all four. Interested in financing?  Click HERE and go to our Financing page.

Results that speak for themselves:

There is a significant increase in the thermal temperature throughout the sole of the hoof and the frog, indicating increased blood flow in the entire hoof cavity.

Digital Thermography images courtesy of Del Mar IR Equine Imaging www.delmarir.com

The Hoof Pro System is packaged at $7,500, a $745 savings if each component was purchased separately. The Hoof Pro System can be configured in a choice of either the Nanuk waterproof case (see below) or our Magnus Compact clinic metal case.

Includes these two single connector delivery loops

 Hoof Pro Kit - Includes Mag Disc and 3 Bindings 

Hoof Pro Kit - Includes Mag Disc and 3 Bindings 

 Nanuk Waterproof Case

Nanuk Waterproof Case