Interested in Equipment Financing?

Our financing programs, are quick and easy. Most customers will have an answer within 24 hours.  No other collateral is required, just your PEMF Device.  

How will you apply for financing? We have three primary sources to finance a PEMF device.  Please choose the one which is most appropriate, based upon your business history and credit score.

+ For applicants with excellent (675 and above) credit scores and can evidence they've been in business for a minimum of two years.:

  • Click on the Beneficial Equipment Finance logo to the right
  • In the application find the Capital Cost at $16,000 and related monthly payments based upon the number of months desired and whether the lease commences in 30 day or 60 days....or 6 months. By plugging in $20,000 the respective payments will change accordingly.
  • While the application is on a computer screen or tablet, fill in the required fields. If help is required, first text us at 323.680.5411 with a request to address any questions or concerns. When complete, print it out and sign/date at bottom, then scan or take a photo with a smartphone and email it to Your application has been remitted for our company's review and submission to Beneficial. An answer will be provided within 24 to 48 hours.

+ Don't have perfect credit or your business is a Start Up?

  • Should the applicant's business history and credit score a do not meet the above criteria, then apply by clicking on Leasing Specialist's logo to the right to download, print, fill out and submit or Stearns Bank Logo to Apply directly on-line.

+ How much are my monthly payments?

  • Current equipment Interest rates will vary based upon your credit score and the number of years your device is financed. At the end of the finance terms you will own your device outright. Below, use our finance calculator with different scenarios of different interest rates and loan terms (months).

+ Is this purchase Tax Deductible?

  • Under IRS Rule 179 your PEMF device may be fully depreciated in the year of purchase if used in the conduct of business. Please review this IRS link regarding "What's New for 20XX" on Page 2 for Business use.
  • A personal deduction is allowed only for expenses paid for the prevention or alleviation of a physical defect or illness. Always speak to your accountant about any tax issues.

Calculator Notes

  1. The Calculator already has some preset values embedded.
  2. Enter the desired amount to finance your PEMF Device, minus any down payment or advances.
    • Enter an interest rate between 5.50% and 6.50%.
    • Select the number of years to finance your PEMF device.
  3. An approximate monthly payment will be generated. That amount may vary based upon your credit score and other market factors.
  4. UNDERSTAND: The actual Market Value of your device at the end of the Lease Term can vary based upon number of hours clocked, the condition of device and the current market place for used PEMF devices.

United States Buyers

Click on the Beneficial  Logo to download their Credit Application and  Lease Payment Calculator  

Click on a Logo to download Credit Application

Click on a Logo to download credit application

Canadian Buyers

The Canadian Federal Government guaranteed loan will provide the financing you need to get a business started or help an existing business grow.

The CSBF Loan is designed to help businesses purchase, install, renovate and modernize business equipment and other fixed assets.

  The interactive map above shows all the participating lenders in its Canada Small Business Financing Program, which seeks to increase the availability of loans to small business.

The interactive map above shows all the participating lenders in its Canada Small Business Financing Program, which seeks to increase the availability of loans to small business.

If you have not found the participating lender of your choice in the interactive map, you may also visit the CSBFP list of lenders.