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Frustrated by a Painful, Chronic Conditions?
Have you been searching for a Safe but Effective Alternative to Pain Pills?
Are you searching to Heal your Body, Improve Sleep & Athletic Performance? 

Are you a Licensed Medical Professional in the regenerative medical field, or looking for technology to get started?

Are you a Licensed Veterinarian with a desire to expand your practice and include non-invasive, drug free therapies to the animals you care for?

You have just found Magnus Magnetica!

Choose ALL ABOUT PEMF to enter our website for an overview of Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy. It includes a Dr. Oz show, broadcasted in 2014 on the science and benefits of PEMF. 

If you want to go straight to the website pages dedicated to our PEMF Technology for Humans or Equines please select EquiPulse or Delta Pulse.

This website is designed to provide both the public and the medical community with additional information regarding the research, history, facts and basic science surrounding PEMF for both human and equine use.