Current and future customers need to clearly understand how we operate as a company.  Magnus Magnetic’s underlying “Code” and company architecture is to service and support our customers. What we promise, and how we execute is of paramount importance and sustains our growth and mission. Adhering to an ever growing list of delivering superior customer support is our compass, guidance system, and what defines our company’s character.

What follows are two lists. One is ‘What we promise”. The other list is filled with actions and strategies we will not partake in.

Here's what we promise our current and future customers

+ Your Support Needs

  • To continually make ourselves available for any and all questions or considerations related to device operations, service, support and education.
  • To provide you access to the company owner, Henry Siegel about any and all concerns you may have so decisions and directives can be made quickly

+ Your Training Needs

  • To refer you to Technicians in our Network who will provide a basic demonstration and use of our technology when you are simply seeking out more information.
  • To match you with the most appropriate Technician, Licensed Equine Vet or Rehabilitation Center for Hands on Training.
  • To provide clinics and educational conferences through the American Association of Equine Therapists and Technicians, a 503 C6 non-profit that is not brand or equipment biased.

+ Your Sales Inquiries

  • To be your guide through a sales inquiry, based upon what your needs are, not what devices we need to sell or which one’s are the most profitable.
  • To call, text of email you back within 24 hours of your inquiry, whether you are a prospective customer or a customer that’s been with us a decade.

+ Device Integrity

  • To sell PEMF Devices that have received Electrical Safety Certifications

+ Warranty, Service, Repairs and Loaners

  • To provide a clear and concise process to submit a PEMF device for repairs under or out of warranty directly on our website.
  • To offer device loaners at no cost in the 1st six months of ownership, then a small daily fee based upon age of the device, after 6th months. When you are busy you need a loaner!

Here's what we promise we'll never do

+ Support

  • Make you wait more than 24 hours before "someone" responds. This only initiates a line of communication rather than immediately initiating actions that address your needs, when your post-sale inquiry is made

  • Tell you that your issue is being "escalated" or transferred to someone who can offer support ... when you need HELP now. These delays may take another 24-48 hours, when escalated.

+ Training

  • Offer an internally fabricated “Certification” program that is a marketing gimmick. Many Equine Veterinarians, most of whom are member of AAEP, resent any type Certification to operate Therapeutic devices. As well there is no sanctioning of any Certifications by any State Regulatory Agency for non-licensed individuals.

+ Sales Inquiries

  • Barrage you excessive emails with "deals” and offers, after you made a sales inquiry.

  • Communicate any erroneous medical claims that are not supported by science and formal studies.

  • Broadcast that our high-powered PEMF devices “work better” than our competitors. The efficacy of all high-powered PEMF Devices are generally equal.

  • Bait/Switch - Tell a prospective customer about our more expensive PEMF Devices, then attempt to sell them the "new thing” that is built with substandard engineering, inferior manufacturing processes and/or lacks electrical safety certificates.

  • Be upset or disgruntled if, after spending a lot of selling time explaining our technology and support, you decide to purchase a competitor’s PEMF Device. We respect the fact that you have then made an informed decision.

+ Device Integrity

  • Manufacture our own PEMF devices or acquire a sub-standard manufacturing company in order to generate higher margins with "look-alike devices", that are not safety tested, nor eligible for Product Liability coverage


  • Make it difficult for you to have your PEMF device serviced

  • Generate unreasonable charges for simple repairs

  • Leave it up to "You and the Factory to work it out"

  • Marginalize your needs because you purchased a PEMF device

  • a. through another distributor

  • b. 6 years ago and your device is now WAAAAAY out of warranty.