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Are you dreaming of a career in Equine Sports Therapy? 
Jump start that career as an Equine PEMF Practitioner!

Greetings! Thank you so much for visiting this page.  Your interest in a career as an Equine Sports Therapist is appreciated.  We are simply pleased that you have shown an interest in this growing field in the equine industry. Please select the black box to the right for more information on our upcoming Equine TPEMF Training and Educational Conferences. What follows are the 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions:

+ 1. What kind of earnings can one expect as an EquiPulse Practitioner?

This depends upon how many hours a week you are willing to work. Generally, Magnus Magnetica Equine PEMF Practitioner will charge between $50.00 per 20 to 30 minute session. Some are charging upwards of $95.00 for a 30 minute therapy session. Determining your "Entry Rate" is crucial in the development of your overall revenue strategy. As an example, here are number of variables to consider such as: -- How often is the horse being treated, once a week or once a month? -- Is the session just 20 munties or does the owner want the whole horse treated, which can take upwards of an hour or more. -- How many horses at the stable's or barn's location are you treating? The more horses, the better pricing per horse. -- How far do you have to travel for each appointment? -- Is your client willing to pre-purchase a package of treatment sessions, thereby commitiing to a regular schedule sessions with you?

This is just one aspect of how our company's 10 year experience with 100's of Practioners will be tremendously beneficial to the new Practitioner.

+ 2. Must an individual be licensed as a human physical therapist before being certified in Equine Sports Therapy?

No. At present there are no state regulations governing the certification of equine sports therapists. This does not mean that there may not be such regulations in the future. Recognized leaders in the development of these various therapies will undoubtedly play a role in the establishment of regulatory guidelines when, and if the day of state by state regulation should arrive. Any such future regulation would be based on the principles of human physical therapy.

+ 3. What qualifications or background are considered important for success as an Magnus Magnetica Equine PEMF Practitioner?

The most important qualification for success as an Magnus Magnetica Equine PEMF Practitioner is a love of animals, empathy for suffering animals, and a sincere desire to help alleviate that suffering. While it would be preferable to have a background in some type of therapy, it is not mandatory. Our Practitioner training uses innovative treatment protocols and techniques that allow the both licensed medical professionals and the non-licensed Practitioner to obtain remarkable results by identifying and treating humans and animals for soreness and injury at a very low intensity in addition to utilizing higher intensities for deeper penetration, when necessary. These techniques are on the leading edge of non-invasive and drug-free healing modalities.

+4. How does a non-licensed practitioner appropriately participate in the field of Equine Sports Therapy?

All our new and existing Magnus Magnetica Equine PEMF Practitioners, who are NOT licensed by a State Veterinary Board, must be reminded that diagnosis and prescribing are the veterinarian's domain and that our Practitioners have a supportive role in the process of injury prevention and recovery. Any Equine Sports Therapist is valuable in both recovery from, and prevention of, injury and debility. By utilizing Magnus Magnetica Equine PEMF therapies that enhance the body's natural ability to heal, the Practitioner assists and supports the whole body.

+5. What about other Equine Sports Therapies?

There are many non-invasive techniques that can stimulate healing without the use of drugs. Our most successful non-licensed EquiPulse Practitioners are those who take every possible step to enhance their knowledge and education in the practice areas of equine physiotherapy and bio-mechanics. We've included an abundance of resources and recommended reading for the new Magnus Magnetica Equine PEMF Practitioner. While several of the training videos are produced with the licensed Vet in mind, it is important for any non-licensed equine sports therapist to understand the reasoning and method for introducing drugs and other therapies the equine medical community prescribes.

+6. How do different therapies compare??

Please see the page Compare Different Equine Therapies

+7. What about becoming "Certified"?

Please see the page Equine Practitioner Certification and State Veterinarian Boards

Magnus Magnetica Equine PEMF Devices and Technology

 YES, you can afford it,  ONLY $7,500!!

With the Factory's recent release of the Magnus Compact Clinic we can now deliver a low cost entry device to those who can begin their journey as an Magnus Magnetica Equine PEMF Practitioner.  We've bundled the Magnus Compact Clinic with two delivery loops and the newest addition to our family of accessories,  the Hoof Pro Kit.  The entire bundle, including training and our business/marketing package, is yours for $7,500.00, a $750 savings if these components were purchased separately.

With good to excellent credit, this system can be delivered with $0 out of pocket and a $200 (give or take)  in monthly payments. You will own the device and all accessories at the end of the the finance term.

What's included along with your purchase?

  1. Training: We recognize that when potential Practitioners inquire about Magnus Magnetica Equine PEMF Practitioner Training they also arrive with a wide variety of experience(s) in their respective disciplines and Equine communities.  Rather than require a standard certification or training template for Magnus Magnetica Equine PEMF Practitioner training for each new Practitioner, Magnus Magnetica delivers training based upon the needs of the Practitioner. Those candidates who have little or no medical background (whether human or animal) need far more support, education and hands on training than an experienced Vet, Registered Vet Techs or persons who have been working with a variety of therapeutic modalities on their horses for several years.  A decade worth of implementing the EquiPulse in our country's top Equine Therapeutic Centers,  Veterinary Clinics/Hospitals, coupled with some of the most highly regarded Equine Sports Therapists in the US., our resources provide our new Practitioners with all the necessary resources required to be knowledgeable and effective, and based upon a wide variety of training needs.

  2. A Magnus Compact Clinic PEMF Device - Settings include a 30 minute high -frequency, low-powered conditioning cycle and a 5 or 15 minute mid-powered, multi-frequency cycle for injuries and respective rehabilitation requirements.

  3. Two Magnetic Delivery Loops that include a large Loop and Joint Loop. These are utilized to treat the Equine's entire body and legs.

  4. The Mag Disc, a our new proprietary accessory that uniquely focuses a powerful pulsed electro-magnetic field to deliver precise and deep penetration into targeted areas and used as a stand-alone accessory to treat hard to get places such as the inside of stifle, upper neck and pole.

  5. Our Hoof Pro Kit that includes three Bindings, which allows a fit for most every size hoof. The smallest binding is orange, medium is black and largest is yellow.

  6.  Our extensive Business and Marketing package, as long as you hold title to your PEMF device. Please see our page "Becoming an EquiPulse Practitioner" . On this page you will find references to our high-powered PEMF Technology at $22,000. These devices are manufactured by the same ISO Certified Factory under the same rigid quality control and manufacturing standards. A question arises;  "What is the difference between these devices?"  The $22,000 device is capable of much higher Gauss output capability, which results in shorter treatment cycles (per body part), plus it has a variable intensity knob and a 10 minute variable treatment timer.

About this book: Equine sports therapy is becoming widely accepted as a way to treat horses suffering from performance and other injuries. An essential reference for veterinarians, sport therapists, and horse owners, this book covers the different physical therapy methods being used form ultrasound to the use of heat, cold and magnets. Details on each type of therapy, its history, applications to human medicine, and uses in horses are provided.  

About the Author: A frequent contributor to The Horse: Your Guide to Equine Health Care, Mimi Porter began applying her therapeutic skills to horses during her 10-year career as an athletic trainer at the University of Kentucky. Porter holds a Master's Degree in Physical Education from the University of Kentucky and published her first book, Equine Sports Therapy, in 1990. In 1996, she served as staff equine therapist at the Olympic Games in Atlanta

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