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Credit: Practitioner Kathleen Tow - Pound Ridge NY area  (203) 984-9116

Credit: Practitioner Kathleen Tow - Pound Ridge NY area (203) 984-9116

Dear Kathleen:
I haven't stopped smiling since having a few treatments with your PEMF therapy machine.  I have had over fifteen years of extreme pain just below my right shoulder blade. I have tried two back doctors who have tried several epidurals and numerous pain injections with none or very limited success. I than decided to try chiropractic therapy which, after several treatments, gave me some relief for a very short time but than back to square one.
During our visit you suggested that I try your PEMF therapy.  After several treatments I must admit that I felt no improvement and even though you explained that the healing process might take several days to notice results I had my doubts.
Approximately a week later I began to notice that I was able to do simple overhead tasks and my old problem was not giving me nearly the trouble that I had been experiencing for so many years.  After a few more days had passed the pain was completely gone.  That was five months ago and I have been completely free of pain in my upper back for five months.
Fondest regards,
Barbara Marion