The Magnus Pro X1 was the very first PEMF device we brought to human market in 2007.  Since then, our company and it medical practitioners and technicians have successfully treated thousands of individuals across the country at medical conventions, at elite athletic training facilities, at mixed martial arts competitions, at physical therapists and chiropractic offices.  The company's CEO/Founder, Henry Siegel and his family, have personally benefited from daily use of the PEMF as well.  Back issues from auto accidents, knee and hip issues from long term athletic and dance activities, a rotator cuff tear and finally a stunning recovery for a double hip replacement in 2014, each of these medical conditions having been treated with our proprietary PEMF technology, with accelerated healing and incredible results.

In 2016, we introduced new PEMF technology, enhancing our family of branded devices under the umbrella of Magnus line of solid start devices. 

On the page, All About PEMF you read about the myriad of medical conditions successfully treated with PEMF. This should have provided you with a basic understanding of the Medical Science behind PEMF, the Types of Magnetic Therapy,  information about Pain Relief and how PEMF benefits Athletes. 

On our MP/MF™ PEMF Devices page we explain how our proprietary technology generates percussive muscular contractions, in combination with increased vaso-dilation, the breaking up of intramuscular adhesion/trauma and decreases in inflammation. The acceleration of truly beneficial results from the very first treatment is what set this technology apart from all other PEMF devices.

Why buy from our Company and what our variety of model will offers that you won’t get with any other PEMF system?

1. Personalized product training - We offer a large selection of PEMF devices and include support and training programs to quickly integrate your selected system into your medical or therapeutic enterprise.

2. Marketing Assistance - We provide direction and guidance in your marketing strategy relating to harvesting testimonials, social media, web design, and SEO, along with ready-to-use copy and artwork.

3. Online Resources and Training - Instructions on proper use of your PEMF device with easy-to-follow training videos and customized marketing plans.

4. Custom print collateral and standard templates - We not only publish customized marketing for your enterprise but also include design templates for flyers, brochures, postcards, booklets, banners and posters all at no charge.

5. Email and phone support through our network of successful Practitioners  - Our Network of Human Medical Practitioners, that have been using our technology for years, are the best resources to assist you when precise knowledge is required for protocols and application techniques. Someone sitting in an office as a 'Product Specialist ' does not have the day to day experience nor the medical licensing of an experienced technician or medical practitioner.

6. Advanced training - Keeping you up to date with the latest product application ideas, patient success stories, research findings, and case studies relevant to your enterprise is only an email or phone call away.

Finally, there is no better way to explain why the Delta Pulse performs so well than to hear it from some of the people who have personally benefited from just one or two treatments. The following sections include: