Both the Delta Pulse and EquiPulse devices are magnetic pulse generators.  They are manufactured under the  high standards of an ISO Certified facility.  

These devices are not yet  FDA Registered in the USA, but are currently in use everyday in the USA, Mexico, Australia, France, Brazil and throughout the European Union Commons.  The Delta Pulse clinic and portable  are not for sale in Canada.

FDA Registration in the USA is applied for, but not yet granted.

120 VAC 2 amp • 240 VAC 1 amp



Gauss Ratings

There has been much speculation and guessing about Gauss levels by different manufacturers and distributors of PEMF technology. The most significant challenge, with emerging multi-powered devices capable of a high voltage discharge, is the simple fact that the discharge is so fast that a standard PEMF Gauss meters cannot accurately measure the PEAK level of Gauss.  To be more precise, it has not been possible to measure Gauss on our multi-powered PEMF technology because of the 5 microsecond discharge, with traditional Gauss meters.  Thus without a proper Gauss meter the claims of Gauss ratings are published by manufacturers and distributors based up calculations derived from a device's specifications of voltage, resistance and impedance. We have discovered these ratings are not entirely accurate.

 Peak Gauss Meter

Peak Gauss Meter

This brings us to a company called AlphaLab, Inc. located in Salt Lake City, Utah. AlphaLab manufactures laboratory gauss meters, tri-field metesr, AC milligauss meters, DC milligauss meters, air shipment meters and more. They sell a product called the  DC Gaussmeter Model GM1-ST, which can measure upwards of 20,000 Gauss. What this particular model cannot do is measure the Gauss in 5 microsecond bursts.  Our manufacturer, PEMF Systems, Inc special ordered a Gauss meter from AlphaLabs with the capability of measuring PEAK Gauss output at the 5 microsecond bursts.  Satisfied with the accuracy of this new Peak Gauss meter, Magnus Magnetica purchased one too. Our goal is to bring more transparency and accuracy to one of the most important metrics of PEMF Therapy...Claims of Gauss Output Ratings.

We determined that the best method to accomplish this would be to measure the actual output of our devices with new PEAK Gauss meter, while video recording our methods and procedures. While tests on our PEMF devices are not designed to be scientifically exhaustive, we do think these tests deliver readings with reasonable accuracy that can be relied upon by Practitioners and those being treated.  We share this information with our Practitioners, prospective buyers, competitors and the curious minded.

Our devices and accessories:

  • EquiPulse Devices and Delivery Loops*
    • EquiPulse Field Portable Pro (same as Delta Pulse Pro Clinic)
    • EquiPulse Brief Portable
    • EquiPulse Compact
    • Equine Large Loop with 12 ft Lead
    • Equine Joint Loop with 12 ft lead
    • Mag Disc with 10ft Lead
  • Delta Pulse Devices and Delivery Loops
    • Delta Pulse Pro Clinic
    • Delta Pulse Clinic
    • Delta Pulse Field Portable
    • Magnus Compact Portable
    • Human Large Loop with 6 ft Lead
    • Human Joint Loop  with 6 ft lead

*Limited in scope since some devices are built with the same circuit boards as other, but placed in difference carrying cases.

Testing methods and Videos of Gauss Measurements to be posted soon: