If you are ready to purchase one of our PEMF devices, the following procedures will start the process.

  1. Just need a call to discuss devices and configurations? Then fill out your basic information on our Contact page. We will call you to discuss the best device configuration that fits your needs.
  2. Ready to order?  Click on Funding Your Purchase below and we will prepare an Invoice in a PDF format and send it to the email address you've entered for your review and approval.
  3. If and when you approve the Invoice you will need to print, then sign and date the document.
  4. Scan, or take a clear photo with your smart phone, and email back to sales@magnusmagnetica.com for order processing by the Factory.
  5. While your order is being processed, the funding process will begin:
    • If you want to pay by Credit card, we will remit a PayPal invoice to you. Please review the Funding Your Purchase page for surcharges using a credit card.
    • If you want to finance your device, through our Lease to Own program, you will need to fill out a credit application - see Finance link below
    • If you want to Rent a device, please review the Premiere Rental Program link below
  6. Once your Credit Application has been approved, or Proof of Funding has been remitted to the Factory, your selected device will shipped via Fedex Ground or UPS. You will then be emailed a tracking number.

Do you need to purchase new or replacement loops and accessories? please click here


Check out our newest PEMF System. Normally this complete system sells for $8245, our Special price is $7500.00

because this device is less powerful than the Delta Pulse or EquiPulse models,  each Treatment cycle requires a longer application time to achieve similar results.

Choose from one of the following configurations:

  1. Human Market / Delta Pulse Clinic: Large Human Loop, Human Joint Loop and Mag Disc.
  2. Equine Market / Magnus Compact Clinic: Large Equine Loop, Equine Joint Loop and Hoof Pro Kit.
  3. Select a Device Case: Metal Enclosure or Waterproof Carrying Case

See our Accessories page for descriptions

Now you can lease to own for a $175.00 monthly payment.  Take advantage and get started today with $0 out of Pocket. Click here to reach our finance page.